About Us

We created a website with sheet music when we understood that the whole music world was becoming digitalized. Nowadays almost every musical instrument has a digital counterpart; most of them often possess the same quality as the classic instruments. Digitalization means that music has to be converted, modern songs have to be transposed for piano and other instruments.

Not everyone can transpose a song for the instrument they favor which is why we are here to help. Creative hobbies like playing piano must become simple and easily accessed with the help of a mobile phone. You need to be able to visit a website, find the songs of the artist you like, download sheet music, and play your favorite songs.

You can download all of the sheet music in several formats and versions. We made it possible to download sheet music in PDF, MIDI, and XML. These formats allow both learning how to play songs, and work with arrangements in digital format. Also, we create versions of the following types for every song: piano, solo, piano&vocal, piano (easy). This way both professional musicians and beginners are able to use our sheet music.

We are doing our best to fill our database with latest releases of the music market, and world hits of various years. Our database includes more than 50 thousand songs already, and the website is translated into 4 languages: English, German, Spanish, and Russian. We would like the creative works of Russian musicians to be much-in-demand around the world.

Our team includes more than 10 musicians who create sheet music. When each of them was chosen, we made sure that they can transpose any song taking into account the possibility to stay as close to the original as possible. Our website was created rather recently but we would like to be useful for creative people, as well as develop the music market as a whole.