Moralny Kodex

Moralny Kodex piano sheet music
"Moralny Kodex" aka "Moral Codex" (Russian: Моральный кодекс means Moral code) is a Russian rock band founded in 1989 by famous Moscow producer and poet Pavel Zhagun and saxophonist Sergey Mazayev to play reactive big beat. The debut album by Moralny Kodex was called Sotryasenie Mozga (Russian for brain concussion), and was filled with strict big-beat drums in combination with INXS-like guitar riffs and lyrics by Pavel Zhagun. The song Do Svidanya, Mama (Russian for Goodbye mama) became a main single of this album. Several video clips were shot in 1990. In the early 1990s, Moralny Kodex was recognized as the most promising and popular rock band in Russia but their second album Gibkij Stan (here Slender Body) wasn't very successful.
Genres: Rock