Black Sabbath - End of the Beginning

Is this the end of the beginning?
Or the beginning of the end?
Losing control or are you winning?
Is your life real or just pretend?
Reanimation of the sequence
Rewinds the future to the past
To find the source of the solution
The system has to be recast

Release your mind
Fast forward to the secrets of your soul
Your life's on overload
Delete or save
The units that make you an entity
That's your identity
If you don't know
Which way to go
You might be lost and confused
A second chance no time to lose
Regeneration of your cyber sonic soul
Transforming time and space beyond control
Rise up, resist, and be the master of your fate
Don't look badly for today, tomorrow is too late

You don't wanna be a robot ghost
Occupied inside the human host
Analyzed and cloned relentlessly
Synthesized until they set you free
Alright, okay, alright
'Til they set you free
Alright, okay
'Til they set you free

I don't wanna see you, yeah
I don't wanna see you, yeah


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