Sheet music Cardi B, Anuel AA, Fat Joe - YES with letters - Piano&Vocal

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Musician: Cardi B , Anuel AA , Fat Joe

Composition: YES

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Arrangement: Piano&Vocal

Other arrangements: Piano.Solo Piano.Easy

Genre: Rap

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Other notes Cardi B, Anuel AA, Fat Joe

Cardi B, Anuel AA, Fat Joe - YES

This is
Los Intocables, ¿oíste lambebicho?

Ass up, face down
This for pretty little, yes
Ass up, face down, Family Ties
Yes, ass up, face down (Anuel)
Ass up, face down
Real Hasta la Muerte, ¿oíste cabrón?

Yes, ass up, face down
My steam boys on the watch, 'bout to mate now
Light this bitch up, chandelier
And that pussy like voodoo, Santería
Bet you man ain't getting money like me (No)
Bet you little bitch try fuck on me
Whole life on parole, can't talk to felons
Now tell that bitch up in the couch, her man still tellin'
Still tellin', still tellin'
Throw that whole chick away, that bitch still tellin'
Still tellin', still tellin'
Look at these niggas duckin' time, niggas still tellin'

Ass up, face down
Yes, ass up, face down
Yes, ass up, face down
Ass up, face down

(La Cardi)

Never been stressed by a hoe, no
Never been pressed by a bitch (By a bitch)
Murder and the money on my mind (On my mind)
My palm made my trigger finger itch, bitch
I been in my bag, hoppin' out of jets
Been running shit, still ain't out of breath
I can lay a verse and lay these hoes to rest
Catch ya ass in traffic, hope you say it with your chest, bitch
Hitters on deck, it ain't nothin' but a check
Lace front pushers, why the fuck you got a vest? Woo
Looking for me? Hit my line
1800 5 9, BX

Ass up, face down
Yes, ass up, face down
Yes, ass up, face down
Ass up, face down

Palomo, el R lo tenemo' en cromo
Y tu' panas pueden traerte porque plata o plomo
Te prende' el palo y te ves cabrón
Y si le caen los polis les mandamos hasta los monos
Las teta' y los tambore'
Y mi' mujere' que se prestan pa' sacarle algo a esto' cabrone'
Aquí nadie chotea
Y me quieren pa' investigacione' lo' del FURA y la DEA
Y la' culata' son LeBrones, to'as son 23
La cara 'e mi mujer en la espalda me la tatué
Para mí sin cojone'
Por el disco que acabo 'e grabar ya me dieron quince millones

Ass up, face down (Anuel)
Yes, ass up, face down
(Mera', dime Fat Joe, los Intocables ¿oíste cabrón?)
Yes, ass up, face down
Ass up, face down

Family Ties
Ey yo, Dre
Everything is back to normal
Everything is back to normal
La familia
Ass up, face down


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