Go Yayo, DaBaby, Stunna 4 Vegas - Rockstar

Rock out, uh, we like to rock out
Pull down on your block with the choppas and pop out
We tryna blow the whole block out
Uh, and I want the smoke, I ain't finna cop out
He rapping shit that he not 'bout
Uh, nigga get hit when the block rounds
I'm finna blow with a countdown (Firzt on the track)
We play with Glizzys, spraycos
I just might give him a halo
Uh, we in the field like we playing Halo
.40 gon' fuck up his face, uh
Come here lil' bitch, gimme your face
She like, "Stunna, man, I taste it,"
Uh, I bet that Glock send him up like prayers
Stunna calling shots, bitch, I'm the mayor (Gang, gang)

Fuck a guitar, we gon' rock out with chops out (Rock)
Walk up on him, we gon' hop out with Glocks out (Glocks)
Huffin', you would say I'm workin' late [?] (Huffin', yeah)
They smokin' OG 93, this that knockout (OG)
Pussy ass nigga just talk loud
I thought he was G, but he sweet, nigga ran when we popped out (Newm)
I was broke but it's them bands that I got now (Big racks)
Huffin', 'bout to ball a ho, we on top now (Firzt on the track, gang)
Mostly, I put your bitch on the addy, she geek-geeked
So many hoes in my trap like freak meet (Freak)
Pulled that dick out and she chew it like CiCi's (Huh?)
Cuffin' that ho and that bih wanna eat me (Gone now)
I'm live from the trap, real street meet (Huffin')
Straight from lil' Vegas, talk fast like a six-figure (Lil' Vegas)
Got a lil' cash, lil' boy, I can't beef with you (Woof)
Talking gangster, we gon' see when that heat hit you (Grr)

Shh, why would you say it? 'Cause I got a Glock on the stage (Ha)
Made that bitch mad (Why?), I put that .45 on her bae
I'm in this bitch with lil' Yayo, my bitches do what I say so
This ain't no mothafuckin' Draco, I give a nigga a halo (Firzt on the track)
I'm 'bout my business, my Glock got extension
My bitches wear weave, her hair got some inches
She like when I pull it, she like how I kill it
Her nigga a pussy, we call him a kitty
That nigga be woofin', who is he kiddin'?
Hmm, I'm always strapped up with the semi, huh?
'Bout to go back to Cali like Biggie, huh?
Dancin' around like I'm Diddy, yeah
Bandana on like I'm Pac (Pac)
Dropping off bows like The Rock (Uh)
Shut the fuck up, that's a cop (Shh)
Run up on us, you get popped, huh?

Yeah, Baby Jesus, Go Yayo, nigga


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