Khalid - Intro

In life, there's people that hustle
In life, there's people that grind
And there's We The Best music who make History

History is something that cannot be forgotten,
I've been through everyone black,
I have seen an overcome in the evilest hate ever that man can as ever wicknesses
They told me "no", and I told 'em "yes"

I have helped so many, and some have forgotten,
I have been challenged, and I always win
I have been to wars, and came out with no scares
I have been tested, and I always passed

This sound contains my pain, my blessings, the stars on this album is my voice,
The drums on this album is my heart beating,
People feel victory is just a win, Victory is a strouble, a journey of life,
Victory is accomplishment, Victory is a survival,

When you're on the way to tap, they cheer for you,
When you reach the top on the noun, they want you to die,

I speak to my music, I'm so hood, we takin' over, I'm out here grindin', I go hard, I am the street,
You can't stop what is destined to win,
When they say Khaled, they say Warrior, Loyal, the chosen one
It's so as the way that caused you that don't wanna see your grind

I tell 'em watch me now and learn,
I still find a way to forgive,
The more I hate, the more I love
Only Hallah can judge me

Welcome to my Victory


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