Lady Gaga - Look What I Found

One, two, three
I'm alone in my house
I'm out on the town
I'm at the bottom of the bottle
I've been knocking them down

I can't get back up on my feet
See the lights on the street like stars
But look what I found
Look what I found
Another piece of my heart
Just laying on the ground

Under the foggy day
I'm looking for a light
And my only friend
Is working tonight

I can't get myself out of bed
Hear these voices in my head like a song
But look what I found
Somebody who loves me
Look what I found
Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
Just laying on the ground

When I met you I was blown to pieces
Heart all over the floor
Ever since you put me back together
I can't believe it won't believe it

Look what you found
Yeah baby
Look what I found
Someone who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
Look what I found
Whoo! C'mon!
Look what I found
Somebody who loves me
Look what we found
Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
Heart just laying on the ground


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