Modern Talking - You Are Not Alone

If you know what I feel
And if you feel the same way too
Just close your eyes
You're not alone... C'mmon!

Wave your hands in the air!

If I took the time to put you in my rhyme
Let me tell you right there, you're a friend of mine
And I used to geting close if you catch me a time
We can do it like this with the twist of lime
Always on my mind, not the freak of the week
Take the words I speak, to every soul I reach
Hold tight with your touch on the microphone
As you're not just here, you are not alone!

You are not alone - I'll be there for you
You are not alone - anything I'll do
You are not alone - you're the one for me
You are not alone - it's no tragedy
You are not alone - you're the one for me
You are not alone - nothing comes for free

You are not alone - Wave your hands in the air - Let me hear you scream!

Come into my life, let me hold you, mold you
Got so many things that I prob'ly never told you
Never scold you, try to unfold you
Exlose you, someone's cast I even old you
If I told you I'm giving you my heart
You must have playing smart
Then you're tearing me apart
All night long to the early-early morning
Pick up the phone - you're not alone!

If you know what I feel
And if you feel the same way too
Just close your eyes
And feel me inside of you

Everybody in the house - c'mmon!

Yeah, it's a national thing
I wanna solve in your dream I'll offer a bill
That Thomas is cool, but I'm on your case
With your incredible pace
So when I entered the place
Meet you to see my face
We're making up all the hits
So baby, bottom o' your lip
I will be sinking your ship
Like gotta sliding a bit
Extra logic get time on the night perform
Baby, scratch to the bone - you're never alone!


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