Maria Chaykovskaya compositions sheet music and chords

Maria Tchaikovskaya is a singer and pianist from Sumy, Ukraine, the date of birth of the musician is October 27. 1991. The singer composes and performs musical compositions in Russian / Ukrainian, the main styles of music are jazz, pop and folk. Maria began to learn notes for piano at the age of five, and from the age of seven she studied at the Sumy School of Music. M. Tchaikovskaya began to write her first songs, studying at school in grades 7-8, and later continued her studies at the Moscow Conservatory. The first solo album, entitled “Out of Silence”, was released by the singer in 2011, and at the beginning of 2014 the longplay “Beauty” was recorded. The artist is currently constantly touring with concerts in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and leads her posts on Instagram and Twitter.

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