Pashanim piano sheet music
Pashanim (aka Can David Bayram; * 2000 in Berlin) is a German rapper of Turkish origin. Pashanim is from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Its roots are in Turkey. Pashanim started rapping at the age of 12. Around 2017, he founded the artist collective Playboysmafia together with Symba and RB 030. In 2018 he released the first tracks on SoundCloud. He was also represented on tracks by BHZ and Chapo102 from the 102 Boyz. He was also involved as a cameraman in various music videos, including Juju (Live Bitch), Nura (Chaya RMX) and Casper (Let them go). With the singles house entrance and Shababs botten he entered the charts in 2020.
Genres: Rap

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